Reformers Bookshop has an extensive range of Christian children’s books to help children learn about the Bible and grow in their faith.

Early Years through to Teenagers

At Reformers, we hand-pick children’s books on the basis that they are biblically faithful and nourish the faith of the reader. Our range includes books for children of all ages, from the early years up to high school and beyond.

Our early years range has been selected for children aged one to four years old. Five to nine year olds will find a great book for them in our lower primary range. Upper primary has been carefully chosen to suit suggested ages of ten to twelve. Our teenage range is designed to encourage children as they transition into adulthood. We’ve also written some guides to help select books for teenagers.

Children’s Bible Story Books

Bible story books are an excellent resource to introduce your children to the stories and truths of the bible in a visually engaging format. Our range includes story bibles appropriate for children from their Early Years through to Upper Primary.

We’ve even put together a handy guide to our top picks of story bibles.

Bible-Centred Christian Children’s Books

Our Christian children’s books are Christ-centred and biblically rich. Since we care about the spiritual formation of children of all ages, we make sure to stock books which are spiritually helpful.

Hand-Picked Christian Children’s Books

Our collection of children’s books is hand-picked to make sure that we only stock the good ones—books which encourage children to love God and his Word more. Our range includes story bibles, biographies, kid’s devotionals, theology resources and much more!