About Reformers Bookshop

At Reformers Bookshop we love to help people find great Christian books to read.

Every book in our shop is hand-picked by us which has resulted in a trustworthy range of books, every one of which is:

  • Christ-centred
  • Biblically-based and,
  • Helpful for spiritual growth

In addition to this, our staff are theologically astute and know Christian books. We regularly provide personalised service and can help you find the right book for your situation. If you need help, give us a call , message us on Facebook or send us an email.

Reformers Bookshop holds to a protestant, evangelical and reformed understanding of the bible.

History of Reformers Bookshop

Reformers was started in 1983 to make available the best in historic and contemporary Christian literature at affordable prices. As the bookshop is a not-for-profit joint venture between Stanmore Baptist Church and the Presbyterian Church of NSW, we see what we do primarily as a ministry. Therefore, we are prayerful as we go about our work and seek the glory of God through the books we sell.


"You can choose a book with confidence from Reformers Bookshop for yourself, or for a child or grandchild, knowing that their list is faithful to God's Word." Carine MacKenzie, grandmother and author of 150 children's books.

"With an eye for the rising generation and those who need to know but have not heard the Good News of the Gospel of Christ, the Reformers Bookshop is a ministry with a future, standing ... in dependence on God." William H M MacKenzie, Managing Director, Christian Focus Publications.

What our customers say about us:

“Always courteous, patient people on the phone; the packages are well packed, beautiful premises ... And the staff are so willing to pray that people's hearts are prepared.”

 “You are people who stock Biblical books, not rubbish - but best of all you combine this with efficient and godly service. Some places will stock Biblical books, but won't strive to create the relationship that you do.”

 “You are courteous over the phone, efficient, quick in dispatching, and the books are always well-packed. You will often go the extra mile with a note - which is lovely. The range over the past couple of years has improved, without letting the standards drop! You know what is coming onto the market with a discerning eye. Also, the colour brochure is very helpful...”


To God be the Glory