Reformers Recommends: Story Bibles for Children

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How to choose the perfect story bible? We know it can be hard to find a children’s bible that exactly suits what you’re looking for; that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide!

Each of these story bibles have scriptural references to help your child find the story in their own Bible.

The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible

In a nutshell: Fantastic story bible which shows young children how bibles stories point to Jesus, and how God’s word is relevant every day

This Story Bible is specially written and designed for young children. Each of the 52 chapters feature a major story in the bible. It is written in language simple enough for any preschooler to understand, and simple, bright illustrations fill each page with an engaging splash of colour. At the end of each story there is a question which relates the story read to the child’s life and a short reflection on how this story points to Jesus.

Read to Me: 0-6
Read By Myself: 5-8

The Beginner’s Bible

In a nutshell: Great bible for introducing young readers to a large number of bible stories

Much like The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible, the Beginner’s Bible is aimed at younger children. I love how this book doesn’t skimp on the bible stories, and packs over 90 into its 500 pages! Even though 500 pages might seem like a lot, it is also the smallest bible on this list, meaning that a young child can carry and handle it easily.

Where other children’s bibles on this list draw connections between the bible stories and the gospel, The Beginner’s Bible just gives the narratives with no commentary. I find this helpful because it allows the parent to provide the commentary. Plus, children can read this to themselves very soon after learning to read and learn the framework of the bible story which is very helpful later in life.

Read to Me: 0-6
Read By Myself: 5-8

Follow Me

In a nutshell: Great teaching resource that challenges children to apply God’s word to their lives

Due to its large landscape format, this book is ideal for teaching children in groups. In an effort to not add or detract from God’s Word, many sections of text are taken from the bible, though the language is simplified for the younger audience. Like the ‘Gospel Story Bible’s, it includes some comprehension and discussion questions at the end of each story. Many of these questions prompt children to apply God’s Word to their lives.

Read to Me: 3-9
Read By Myself: 6-9

The Promises of God Storybook Bible

In a nutshell: Introduces children to covenant theology by framing each story as a promise

This Story Bible introduces children to the biblical thread of God’s covenants and promises to his people. In fact, every chapter has a title which indicates the promise that is either made or fulfilled within the story. I’m certain that children who grow up with this story bible will learn something new every time they reread the stories!

Read to Me: 3-9
Read By Myself: 6-9

The Gospel Story Bible

In a nutshell: The best depth and breadth, aimed at older children.

This is the most text-heavy Story Bible in this list however; this book works really well as a ‘family’ story bible because it still manages to engage children of all ages. The questions at the end of each story range from simple (“How many robbers are crucified with Jesus?”) to more complex (“How are we like these robbers?”). Each chapter also ends with a short comment which situates the story in the context of God’s redemptive plan.

A unique strength to this Story Bible is how it dedicates around 25 chapters to passages from the epistles, often interweaving them with stories from the book of Acts.

Read to Me: 3-10
Read By Myself: 7-10