Book Review: Loving the Little Years

Review by Shamira Eglinton

My absolute favourite practical book for parenting little ones! Rachel has a way of making the difficult and mundane; fun, creative and meaningful. From ‘pecky chickens’ to ‘thanksters or cranksters’, this book has some great illustrations for children to understand the sins in their heart. She is down to earth and realistic in her approach. The methods aren’t works based or about control. They are however all about grace and seeking to imitate God in the everyday.


Loving the Little Years

by Rachel Jankovic




The perfect gift for a mum already in the thick of parenting little ones, or just about to begin the journey. It is great for some practical ideas for the everyday, an attitude adjustment and a laugh or cry! The chapters are short and easy to read, suitable for a mother who may be sleep deprived!

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