5 Best Easter Books for Children

The Easter bunny. Chocolate. Egg hunts. Between all the fun and the sugar high, it can be hard to help our children focus on the true meaning of Easter. The message of the cross and the empty tomb can get lost in all the noise. But these Easter books will help your children refocus their hearts. 

We’ve collected some of our Easter bestsellers for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. There are board books, picture books, and even a graphic novel. Invite kids to understand and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus with the vivid illustrations and compelling stories in these books. 

Easter should be a time where the whole family is refreshed by and rejoicing in the gospel. So the books in this list are only a start. For your own spiritual growth, check out our recommended Easter books for adults. We’ve also got Easter resources for families to enjoy together as part of their family worship time.

  1. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross: The True Story of Why Jesus Died and Rose Again (Carl Laferton & Catalina Echeverri) Ages 3–8

Help kids understand how the Easter story fits into the grand narrative of the Bible. This hardback storybook traces the significance of the temple curtain from the Garden of Eden to the new creation. As children see the curtain torn in two when Jesus dies, they’ll be encouraged to come near to God. You can supplement this book with the whole range of The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross resources, including a board book, colouring and activity book, Easter calendar, and Sunday School curriculum.

  1. A Very Happy Easter (Tim Thornborough & Jennifer Davison) Ages 2–4

Enjoy some interactive fun with A Very Happy Easter. It’s different from other Easter books because using your eyes and ears isn’t enough. The story focuses on the emotions of Jesus’s friends, and kids are invited to copy their facial expressions. It’s a wonderful way to help children connect emotionally with the Easter story, even if they’ve heard it hundreds of  times before. This book is short, so it’s ideal to give away at Easter services and evangelistic events.

  1. Jesus Rose For Me: The True Story of Easter (Jared Kennedy & Trish Mahoney) Ages 3–7

If we asked the kids in our churches what the gospel message is, I expect we’d hear lots of, “Jesus died for me.” While that’s true and necessary, it’s not the whole truth. In this board book, Jared Kennedy teaches kids the crucial second half of the Easter message: “Jesus rose for me.” He traces the Easter story from Palm Sunday to the resurrection. Children will discover the importance of Jesus coming back to life and learn to rejoice that every day is resurrection day.

  1. The Easter Fix (Steph Williams) Ages 2–4

In the excitement of Easter, kids (and adults!) can forget that something is terribly wrong with the world. The Easter Fix teaches preschoolers about what’s broken, including our relationship with God—and how Jesus came to fix it all. They’ll gain a new understanding not only of what happened in the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also of why it matters. This book is short, so it’s ideal to give away at Easter services and evangelistic events.

  1. The Third Day: Discover Easter as You’ve Never Seen It Before (Alex Webb-Peploe) Teens

This unique book tells the Easter account in a contemporary style. The graphic novel–style storybook presents the unadorned text from the Gospel of Luke with illustrations that will engage teenagers and young adults. By presenting the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus in this way, The Third Day will help teens to experience the good news afresh, without leaving the biblical text behind. It’s a particularly good option for non-Christian kids who might not pick up a Bible.