5 Best Easter Books for Adults

In our homes and our churches, Easter activities tend to be aimed at kids. There are Easter egg hunts, cute crafts, and so many storybooks. It’s all good stuff! But adults also need to ensure they’re making the most of the Easter season themselves, by taking the time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

We’ve collated this list of Easter books to help you do just that. It includes devotionals for personal and family use as well as more theological books. By picking up any of these resources, you’ll have your heart refreshed by Jesus and be prepared to speak his gospel message to others. 

Easter should be a time where the whole family is reminded of and rejoicing in the gospel. So the books in this list are only a start. To help your kids know and love the Easter story better, check out our recommended Easter books for children—we’ve picked the best books for kids from infants to teenagers. 

  1. To Seek and to Save: Daily Reflections on the Road to the Cross (Sinclair Ferguson)

Easter itself can often feel busy, so it’s worth taking the time in the weeks beforehand to meditate on the cross and the empty tomb. To Seek and to Save is one of several devotionals ideal for the Lent and Easter seasons. Sinclair Ferguson walks you through the second half of Luke’s Gospel, showing you the work and the heart of Jesus, climaxing in his death and resurrection. There’s an insightful question and space for your response on each day, which helps facilitate a personal response to Jesus. 

  1. An Ocean of Grace: A Journey to Easter with Great Voices From the Past (Tim Chester)

Another daily devotional perfect for Lent and Easter. An Ocean of Grace is different in that it explores Jesus’s death and resurrection through voices from the past. Tim Chester has brought together devotions and prayers from renowned Christians throughout history, including Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and John Bunyan. Their words will stir your heart to love Jesus more this Easter. 

  1. Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter (Tim Keller)

In 2020, Tim Keller was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While undergoing chemotherapy, he wrote this book on an important theme for any sufferer: hope. Even if you’re not facing the kind of suffering that Keller endured, you’ll be encouraged by his exploration of the resurrection accounts of Jesus. Easter is the perfect time to go deeper into the meaning of Jesus’s death and resurrection and to see more clearly that this is gives us greater, more enduring hope than anything else could. 

  1. Man of Sorrows, King of Glory: What the Humiliation and Exaltation of Jesus Mean for Us (Jonty Rhodes)

While this isn’t strictly an Easter book, it explores the major events we celebrate at Easter: the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. The message of Easter is simple enough for children to understand, but it’s also rich enough that we can never grasp the extent of its wonder. Go deeper this Easter with this book from Jonty Rhodes that examines the humiliation and exaltation of Christ from the lens of his three offices: prophet, priest, and king. It’s a profound book without being intimidating—at just 160 pages, it’s short enough to read in the lead-up to Easter. 

  1. The Wonder of Easter: An Easter Journey for the Whole Family (Ed Drew)
Whether you want to work through this devotional with your spouse or the whole family, The Wonder of Easter will help prepare your heart for Easter. There are five devotionals per week for the season of Lent, and each one takes an achievable 10 minutes. Ed Drew includes an array of discussion questions based on age group—from 3–4-year-olds up to adults. You’ll get a comprehensive picture of the Easter story by working through the Gospel of Luke and some Old Testament passages. A great resource for around the dinner table. If you want to use a new family devotional each year, we’ve also got a range of other Easter resources for families to use together.