Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom For Modern Life

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Connor, Harriet | Resource Publications


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Being a parent in the modern world is tough. We are often overwhelmed with fear about damaging our children, guilt about our imperfections, and confusion about our role. Harriet Connor knows these feelings well. But hers is not just another parenting book full of "shoulds and shouldn'ts" to make you feel worse. Rather, she invites you to step back and consider the bigger picture: 
  • What is the purpose of life and parenthood? 
  • What are our human limitations? 
  • How can we cope with our guilt and fear? 
  • What are our family's values and how do we pass them on? 
  • What is our family's structure and place within the wider community? 
When she was desperate for answers, Harriet Connor turned to the ancient wisdom of her ancestors - the Bible. She went looking for little pieces of grandmotherly advice, but what she found was a grand vision - a big picture - that made sense of both life and parenthood. 

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