9781925424027-Together Through the Storm: A Practical Guide to Christian Care-Sims, Sally

Together Through the Storm: A Practical Guide to Christian Care

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Sims, Sally | Matthias Media


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In our fallen world, episodes of sickness, suffering and other trials are all too common. And the Bible's clear call is for us to show Christian love and care to others when they go through these tough times. However, our genuine concern for others is often hindered by valid fears - the fear of not knowing what to do or what to say; the fear of putting our foot in it and making things worse; or the fear that involvement may take us beyond our own personal resources.

In this book, Sally Sims helps us overcome these fears by setting out clear biblical foundations and very practical guidance for Christian care.

"I have searched high and low for a resource I can recommend on Christian care... Many books point us to helpful Bible verses... Some books focus on the how... without exploring why Christians should care for others: what is our motivation and what is our end goal? Sally Sims brings all these elements together in one book... an invaluable resource for every Christian."?
- Carmelina Read, Dean of Women, Christ College, Sydney

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