Silencing of the Lambs: Wokeism and Cancel Culture’s Attack on Christianity in Australia

Greg Bondar (Editor) | Connor Court

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William Jennings
A Political Blockbuster

It seems like not a day goes by where metaphorical cornflakes are not spat from one’s metaphorical mouth in disgust at the latest progressive transgressions upon common decency. We must not stop being outraged, we must not forget what progressives have done to the social, cultural, economic, and political identity of Western Civilization. Forgetting is accepting and we must not accept what has been done.

Silencing of the Lambs details a non-exhaustive list of the more significant ‘thought criminals’ who either have been cancelled or on the chopping block. Some of these brave unfortunates include sporting greats, academic titans, and our Lord Jesus Christ himself. The selection of authors is highly deliberate, indeed most of Bondar’s contributors have been the targets of Cancel Culture.

Accomplished Liberal Party politician Hon Kevin Andrews, like so many other Conservatives in the Liberal Party, was targeted by Liberal Moderates via pre-selection, thrown out and replaced with a gay marriage advocate. Bernard Gaynor was kicked out of the Australian Defence Force for daring the question the appropriateness of serving military personnel taking part in the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Enduring politicians Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC and Hon Mark Latham MLC are also contributors and are fortunate enough to have weathered the storm of progressive hate squads. Indeed, Rev Nile is the longest serving democratically elected Parliamentarian in New South Wales history, he must be doing something right.

Many of the contributors refer to the concept of objective truth and its foundation in the Christian Bible. This concept is of vital importance for the reader to understand the pernicious assault on truth. As is frequently referred to throughout Silencing of the Lambs truth is derived from our eternal Lord for as the creator of the universe, he is the lens through which we can interpret and understand our mortal and imperfect reality. Lyle Shelton refers to this fight for truth with the below quote from American writer Rod Dreher:

“Truth, Beauty and Goodness can be found and brought to life again, though doing so will cost you nothing less than everything”

In reference Shelton is calling for the Christians and Conservatives to fight back against Cancel Culture, to fight back against the Cultural Marxist’s war on Western Civilization.

Whilst the theological origins of rebellion derive from the fallen angel Satan the secular origins of modern Cultural Marxism are explored as well. The Hon Mark Latham MLC explains how the roots of Cultural Marxism and Cancel Culture were first watered within the torrid halls of the Frankfurt School.

Latham says about the Frankfurt School “ideas and views deemed offensive to self-declared social reformers must be treated with contempt and removed from the public square.” To those not aware of the Frankfurt School this is an invaluable insight into the core ideology of the modern progressive who are indeed the opposite of their name by definition, they are regressive in nature.

The malicious rampage of Cancel Culture has damaged the very fabric of objective truth in contemporary Western Civilization. Greg has assembled brave voices to speak back against the engineered darkness and in doing so puts us one step closer to winding back the intellectual corruption of modern discourse. Truth is eternal, lies never last.

Silencing of the Lambs is a must-read for all seekers of truth.

Lynne Osborne
A Book for All Australians

What a great and long-overdue book. We are all at risk of becoming victims to cancel culture and wokeism, especially as Christians unless we make a stand for our faith. This book has a collection of readings that really go to the heart of what the issues we as Chrsitians face today at work, at church, and socially. The author is well known Christian lobbyist so he obviously knows his topic. The author (editor) makes the point that "If you think woke culture or ‘wokeism’ with its attendant cancel culture, is not going to bother Christians, the Church, Christianity, or Christ himself, you should think again. “Woke” people often consider themselves or at least those they purport to represent, victims. Consequently, they seem to be offended by everything."
The book is an ideal companion for students at bible colleges, for church leaders, and for Mums and Dads who just want to know how to fight against wokeism and cancel culture. Highly recommended.