9781907377747-Men of God: Becoming the man God wants you to be-Archer, Trevor; Thornborough, Tim (Editors)

Men of God: Becoming the man God wants you to be

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Archer, Trevor; Thornborough, Tim (Editors) | The Good Book Company


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Has there ever been a more urgent time for Christian men to stand up and be counted? Family life is being systematically destroyed in our culture. Biblical Christianity is being undermined from within the historic denominations. The demands and insecurity of working life are increasing.

This book is designed to encourage Christian men to live for Christ: in their homes; in their workplaces; in their leisure; and in their churches.

"With men being tugged in so many directions these days, it is a pleasure to recommend a book that faithfully reflects so much Scripture... That the book is set up as the sort of thing that could be used in small groups of men is an added bonus. Highly recommended."
- D.A Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"... Men of God is thorough, Biblical, and gospel-saturated. It speaks directly to men and offers guidance and hope in the many different arenas in which their discipleship is played out."
- Mike McKinley

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