9781850784883-One to One: A Discipleship Handbook-de Witt, Sophie

One to One: A Discipleship Handbook

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de Witt, Sophie | Authentic Media


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One To One unpacks the practical and spiritual implications of one-to-one ministry and shows how we can support each other in this way. Taking the New Testament examples of Jesus, Paul, Timothy and Titus, Sophie Peace looks at what this means for us in practice.

Leaders and recipients of this 'one-to-one' work are interviewed and their comments are interspersed with biblical principles to provide honesty, encouragement and real application for Christian living today. A full list of resources for one-to-one work is also listed towards the end of the book.

"If you understand this book and put its principles into practice, then when it comes to Christian service you will never be remotely redundant again... you'll be absolute gold dust in any church family."?
- From the Foreword by Rico Tice

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