Child’s Story Bible, The

Catherine F. Vos | Banner of Truth

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Accurate and well-written!

This might be my favourite children's story Bible!
We use this each morning in our family homeschool read aloud time. The stories are well-written and engaging for my kids, who range in age from 6 to 10.
I really appreciate the details included, the faithfulness to the Biblical text, and Catherine's explanation of some of the more difficult passage. (For example, when telling how the Israelites were commanded to wipe out the nations as they entered the promised land, she explains that God never kills anyone unjustly, and that these nations were wiped out for their wickedness and disobedience to God.)
The chapters are the perfect length, in fact, I often finish a chapter to be met with cries of "read another chapter!".

Book to be used across generations!

This book was recommended to me by others, but I’d never seen an actual copy before. Catherine Vos was the wife of Geerhardus Vos, one of the greatest reformed theologians who has lived, I was keen to see what this book looked like!
I am so glad I purchased this! I was looking for a children’s bible that was more detailed than most, that explained the biblical text and pointed to God’s redemptive plan of salvation through Christ Jesus. Well, this is it! A beautiful, faithful & true to scripture narrative of the bible, containing many stories that are simply missed in children’s bibles. This is 800 pages long, but each chapter is around 2-3 pages, so a child can easily sit through one (10-15min). Includes 26 full page illustrations (none of Christ). It’s recommended for ages 7-12 to read alone, but anywhere from 3+ to read to. Highly recommend this purchase. To be used across generations for sure!