9781848717275-Voices From The Past Volume 2: Puritan Devotional Readings-Rushing, Richard

Voices From The Past Volume 2: Puritan Devotional Readings

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Richard Rushing has compiled a further 365 daily devotional readings to take you through the year with the Puritans. Building on Voices from the Past (Volume 1), this book is an additional treasury of wisdom from such authors as Stephen Charnock, Thomas Manton, David Clarkson, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, and Jonathan Edwards.

Rushing has painstakingly selected these readings from their sources, some of which are still widely available in print, others of which are more scarce. Readers will find these choice extracts to be excellent 'thoughts for the day', and will frequently find themselves wanting to explore more of the writings of these authors of the past.

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