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Basic Christianity

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Stott, John | Inter-Varsity Press


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"Jesus certainly existed. His existence as an historical figure is vouched for by pagan as well as Christian writers,"? says John Stott.

Who was Jesus? Why was he crucified? Did he really rise from the dead? We need answers to these key questions in order to understand the basics of Christianity. In Basic Christianity, Stott offers a clear and full explanation, showing what it means to be a Christian today.

"Lucid, clear and compelling... I'm thrilled that this classic has been appropriately shaped and refreshed for a modern audience without losing any of its timeless charm and persuasive brilliance"?
- Reverend Richard Cunningham, director, UCCF: The Christian Unions

"For fifty years Basic Christianity has exposed the backbone of the Christian faith. Its uncompromising clarity, intelligent logic and easy application make this one of the most enduring of Christian classics."?
- Reverend William Van der Hart, evangelist and pastor, Central London

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