Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

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If only this book weren’t needed. If only men and women didn’t beat their partners. If only spouses didn’t cruelly manipulate and control. If only people didn’t bully elderly relatives . . .

Most incidents go under the radar, and it is estimated that only around a third come to the attention of the police.

This book goes right to the heart of the matter: the human heart. We see how to walk with sufferers and apply the Bible to everyday-life situations. We learn how to do ‘one anothering’ in our churches and communities.

While offering practical help, the author focuses strongly on lasting solutions that are achieved only through God’s power.

144 pages

Given that most of us have no idea how common domestic abuse is, nor how deeply it affects our relationships with God and other people, this book needs to be read twice, with some urgency, in every church. Read once, it will open our eyes to the scale of the problem which many in our churches are facing right now. Read a second time, it will help us make concrete plans to take actions which honour God and bring hope and help to those who suffer acutely. Our churches, and victims within them, will find the plain-speaking text and the excellent bulleted lists to be God’s wisdom.

- Dr Andrew Nicholls, Pastor of Dundonald Church and Deputy Director of Biblical Counselling UK

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