Trailblazer Arts & Science Box Set 6

Trailblazer Arts & Science Box Set 6

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Paperback Set

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This giftbox collection of colorful trailblazer stories makes a perfect present that will delight young minds. Features some of the great Christian heroes of arts and science who will inspire young and old alike. 

Michael Faraday was dyslexic but he was still the brains behind the electric light. In this book you will also read about his love for God – his greatest discovery.

John Bunyan fought as a soldier but when he trusted in Christ he faced other conflicts. The preacher and writer had to suffer persecution and be put in prison for his faith.

Fanny Crosby was a little blind girl who grew up to be a talented poet and musician. The hymns she wrote are still being sung today.

C. S. Lewis wrote some of the most famous books in the English language. It also tells the meaning behind the stories he wrote.

Patricia St. John‘s life is a story in itself but she grew up to become one of the world’s best–loved Christian writers for children.

  • Read to me: 8–9
  • Read Myself: 9–14

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