9781596387430-Grace Works: And Ways We Think It Doesn't-Bond, Douglas

Grace Works: And Ways We Think It Doesn't

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Bond, Douglas | P&R Publishing


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When the church downplays the gospel, it breeds its own assassins: moralists who yawn at the notion of free grace in Christ alone and rebels who can't get out of pharisaical churches fast enough.

Sounding the alarm, Douglas Bond celebrates the amazing, effective power of grace while showing us how to identify destructive 'law-creep' in our churches and lives.

"... With his usual verbal dexterity and ease, Bond not only drives out the demons of our remaining Pelagianism but fills our hearts with the work of our Savior and Lord."?
- R. C. Sproul Jr., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Reformation Bible College

"In brief, straight-shooting chapters, he diagnoses the tendency of even the most biblical churches to drift into legalism. This is a key book for everyone who loves the church of Christ."?
- Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

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