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GRL Burnout: Resting in God's Fairness

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Hambrick, Brad | P&R Publishing


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Burnout occurs when things that once gave us life and energy discourage and drain us instead, sacrificing our pleasures and accomplishments to the continual onslaught of 'next.' While a common danger for Christians who dedicate their efforts to God's kingdom, burnout eventually makes us choose cynical numbness over the 'caring exhaustion' of Christian service. How do we avoid this pitfall?

Brad Hambrick argues that burnout is actually a consequence of our life management, and he shows us how to create a time budget to avoid living beyond our means with the time God has provided. He helps us remember to rest in God's fairness rather than trying to gain his acceptance.

"Burnout: Resting in God's Fairness is a very practical book based upon very biblical, gospel-focused principles and insights... After sharing wise principles for life planning, Burnout diagnoses root causes and then points us toward heart cures - rest in Christ."
- Robert W. Kellemen, Ph.D., Executive Director, Biblical Counseling Coalition; Author, Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure

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