9781596385184-BRF What Is Mercy Ministry-Ryken, Philip Graham; Toly, Noah J.

BRF What Is Mercy Ministry

Product Code: 9781596385184

Ryken, Philip Graham; Toly, Noah J. | P&R Publishing


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Mercy ministry isn't a new concept. It's an integral outworking of your faith that is essential to your life as a Christian. Though what does it look like? Where does it begin?

Mercy ministry begins with recognition of suffering and continues with gratitude and love. Here Ryken and Toly take an incisive look at mercy ministry, exploring its necessity, theological roots and legacy in the church throughout history. They provide insights on starting in mercy ministry both as an individual and as a church, with examples and tips help you to imitate Christ in practical, far-reaching ways that testify to his love.

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