9781596384026-Gospel Treason: Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols-Bigney, Brad

Gospel Treason: Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols

Product Code: 9781596384026

Bigney, Brad | P&R Publishing


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Is it harder for you to change and grow as a Christian than it should be? Do you wonder what is holding you back? Have you ever considered that it might be idolatry?

Using real-life stories and examples, Brad Bigney shows us how the idols we might not even recognise can still have devastating effects in our lives. In this transparent, honest book, he helps us to identify our idols, understand how they lead us to commit treason against the gospel - and finally repent of them and root them out forever by turning to the only One who can fill our every need.

"This book will cause you to consider your own heart in terms of what you really want and live for. It will also help you to minister to others who are suffering or caught in sin that hinders them from the freedom we have in the gospel."
- Garrett Higbee, Director, Biblical Soul Care, Harvest Bible Chapel

"Let these important words guide you as you continue to mature in your relationship with Jesus."
- Stephen Viars, Senior Pastor, Faith Church

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