9781596380776-Hold Fast in a Broken World: Fathers and Sons, Volume 2-Bond, Douglas

Hold Fast in a Broken World: Fathers and Sons, Volume 2

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Bond, Douglas | P&R Publishing


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Douglas Bond's latest book Hold Fast in a Broken World is a ramped-up call for young men to prepare for stalwart leadership in the family, church and culture. Hold Fast is a frank discussion of the cultural topics that a young man must biblically master if he is to be the winsome, servant leader of the rising generation.

From stem-cell research to abortion, feminism to gay marriage, multiculturalism to death art, Hold Fast will help fathers prepare their sons to live with courage and wisdom in a hostile world, to be strong men who live and die to the glory of God.

"Full of lively illustrations, wise warnings, and hard-hitting application for everyday life, Bond's latest book addresses all of the strong temptations and difficult trials that young men face today. Ideal for personal study or father-son discussion, Fathers and Sons is an invitation to pursue manly godliness in the adventure of life."?
- Philip Graham Ryken, Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church

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