9781581344257-Love in Hard Places-Carson, D.A.

Love in Hard Places

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Carson, D.A. | Crossway


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Too often, the popular culture's sentimental view of Christian love is that, of all things, Christians should be nice. After all, people ask, isn't the Church about forgiveness? Aren't Christians supposed to love others without condition?

In this book, D.A Carson helps readers understand what biblical love really is. He particularly focuses on the aspects of Christian love that aren't easy - such as when it comes to loving our enemies, and even forgiving those loved ones who have hurt us.

As Carson points out, thinking seriously about Christian love soon embroils us in reflection on justice, revenge, war, the authority of the state, forgiveness, hate and much more. This book shows some of the important ways in which the love of Christians is a reflection of the love of God, and helps believers to understand how to love in the hard places of life.

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