Teaching Joshua: From Text to Message

Teaching Joshua: From Text to Message

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Johnson, Doug | Christian Focus

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The book of Joshua is an epic. Conquest, battles, scandal, tribalism, deceit, land registration and farewell speeches all make up this remarkable narrative. Some of the episodes are well known, other sections are largely passed over. However behind all the twists and turns, highs and lows is the God who makes and keeps promises. The book of Joshua is profoundly relevant for today and needs to be declared faithfully in its entirety. To be repeatedly reminded through the pages of Joshua that God is faithful to his promises and sovereign over his people, guiding them by his powerful word to his promised rest, is truth we must never tire of hearing. The book of Joshua has also been a battlefield on which the Christian faith and particularly the Old Testament has been attacked by new atheism, therefore digging deep into Joshua will strengthen and resource people to stand firm amidst such opposition.

Teaching Joshua is a great addition to the growing ‘Teaching the Bible’ series. Doug Johnson has done a brilliant job of both guiding the reader towards the main thrust of each passage whilst not overlooking the detail or the various complexities. Teaching Joshua will be a great aid to those who have the privilege and the joy of preaching or teaching this particular book. Whether you are a small group leader, preacher, youth worker or someone who simply wants help with their personal Bible study, this book will help you to understand and communicate the message of Joshua.

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The primary task of a faithful Bible teacher (and an honest Bible reader) is to understand the Bible as it actually is, the words of God that are able to make us wise enough to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and so be saved. How do we do that with the Old Testament book of Joshua? Doug Johnson’s excellent book provides a careful, thoughtful and reliable guide that will help many to do this well. Highly recommended.

--- John Woodhouse, Retired Principal and Lecturer in Doctrine and Old Testament, Moore College, Sydney, Australia

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