Teaching 2 Kings: From Text to Message

Teaching 2 Kings: From Text to Message

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Fyall, Bob | Christian Focus

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2 Kings begins with the succession of Elijah by Elisha and flows largely downward right up to the exile of Judah in Babylon. Amidst the numerous kings and serious failings there are always the vital signs that the true God is still on the throne and working out his purposes in his people and beyond.

Like many other books containing Old Testament narrative, 1 and 2 Kings are both well–known and obscure. Certain stories are very familiar, others seldom preached or taught. It is our hope that this book will greatly help many people dig deeply into this epic narrative and serve people well by teaching it faithfully, relevantly and thoroughly.

Teaching 1 and 2 Kings (of which this is the second volume of two) is an important contribution to our ‘Teaching the Bible’ series. Bob’s guiding hand will be of great assistance to anyone seeking to understand the familiar passages better and explore the lesser known stories well.

328 pages

Here Bob Fyall takes you into his workshop, or better, clinic, and teaches you to feel the pulse (or is it electric current?) of the narratives in 2 Kings. Telling applications often jump out from his observations, and, even if you miss those, the leading questions are lasered in on all the essential matters that will open up the text. Timid souls who, either from fear or lethargy have avoided preaching from 2 Kings, are now ‘without excuse.’

--- Dale Ralph Davis, Respected Author and Old Testament Scholar

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