Sanctification: God's Passion for His People

Sanctification: God's Passion for His People

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MacArthur, John | Crossway


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This book points to the primary aim of pastoral ministry: the sanctification of God’s people. Drawing on John 17 and Titus 2:11–15, veteran pastor John MacArthur makes the case that God’s passion for his people is their sanctification, defined as “the process of fighting for full joy and not selling out for a cheap substitute along the way.” He describes 3 hindrances to sanctification (heresy, complacency, and culture) and shows pastors how to work toward the sanctification of their members. Pastors and church leaders will see how, through preaching and discipleship, they can help their members be conformed to Christ.

80 pages

Table of Contents:

  1. The Prize of the Upward Call
  2. In Defense of the Gospel
  3. The Heart of a True Shepherd
  4. Christ, the Embodiment of True Sanctification
  5. The Missing Note
  6. Authenticity and Antinomianism
  7. What Grace Teaches

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“This is a classic example of the kind of book readers worldwide have come to expect from the pen of John MacArthur. Saturated with Scripture, straightforward, and easy to understand, MacArthur’s words show what the Bible teaches about sanctification and how it applies both to the individual Christian and to the local church. Christians concerned about the kind of teaching that has resulted in the ‘hole in our holiness’ will find here much to clarify the issue for them and practical encouragement on walking closely with Christ.”
Donald S. Whitney, Associate Dean and Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Praying the Bible

Sanctification—John MacArthur brings to bear the full force of his pastoral passion on this vital theme! Why? First, because Jesus made it the burden of his prayers for us; Paul insisted it is the will of God for every believer; the author of Hebrews wrote that without it none of us will see the Lord—it is heaven’s sine qua non. Second, because we are always in danger of demeaning or ignoring holiness. How many books have you read since you last read one on sanctification? Sanctification is a powerful tract for our times—a purposefully short book. You can read it in an hour or two, but its goal is the transformation of the rest of your life.”
Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“Justification and sanctification are like the two arms of Jesus Christ by which he embraces us to himself. John MacArthur does a masterful job of showing us how Christ, the great shepherd whose Spirit lives in every true spiritual shepherd, earnestly desires for his image to be formed in his beloved people.”
Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; Pastor, Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan; author, Reformed Preaching

“A seasoned, well-regarded preacher of the gospel offers us a scripturally saturated treatise on sanctification. Simple but not simplistic, short but not shallow, John MacArthur not only explains the Bible’s teaching on sanctification but also makes the appropriate, sometimes pointed, applications this current generation needs.”
Mark Jones, Teaching Elder, Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, British Columbia

“MacArthur charges Christians to shine as lights in the midst of this darkened, confused generation. The freedom we have in Jesus Christ is a freedom to serve him as our Master and Lord. Just as he has done throughout his ministry, MacArthur faithfully lifts up God’s word. This book pleads for holy, joyful living unto the glory of God.”
Chris Larson, President and CEO, Ligonier Ministries

“Clear, inspiring, and with just enough cautions about where the world may have snuck into our theology and, therefore, our lives.”
Ed Welch, Counselor and Faculty Member, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

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