Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics

Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics

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Sproul, R. C. | Crossway


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From the classroom to mainstream media, Christians regularly find their fundamental beliefs discounted by opponents who consider faith to be incompatible with reason. But in this apologetics primer, the late R. C. Sproul sets forth the core claims of faith to reveal just how rational Christianity truly is. Surveying the history and fundamentals of apologetics, this book demonstrates how reason and scientific inquiry actually support Christianity’s claims—thus equipping believers to defend the existence of God and the Bible’s authority.


Table of Contents:


Section 1: The Apologetic Task

1. The Task of Apologetics

2. Apologetics and Saving Faith

Section 2: The Four Essential Principles of Knowledge

3. Introducing the Four Principles

4. The Law of Noncontradiction

5. Contradiction, Paradox, and Mystery

6. The Law of Causality

7. Hume’s Critique of Causality and the Basic Reliability of Sense Perception

8 Logical Positivism and Its Ghosts Today: Analogical Use of Language

Section 3: Natural Reason and Faith

9. Natural Theology and Science

10. Aquinas and Kant

Section 4: The Case for God’s Existence: Four Possibilities

11. Illusion

12. Self-Creation

13. Creation by Chance

14. A Self-Existent Being

15. A Self-Existent Universe

Section 5: God and the Philosophers

16. The God of the Philosophers and the God of the Bible

17. Kant’s Moral Argument

18. The Nihilists

19. The Psychology of Atheism

Section 6: The Case for Biblical Authority

20. The Authority of the Bible

21. Jesus’ Teaching About Scripture

22. The Trustworthiness of the Teaching of Jesus

23. The Testimony of the Holy Spirit

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