9781433545481-Accidental Feminist, The: Restoring Our Delight in God's Good Design-Reissig, Courtney

Accidental Feminist, The: Restoring Our Delight in God's Good Design

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Reissig, Courtney | Crossway


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"My name is Courtney. I'm an accidental feminist."? Although many Christians wouldn't identify themselves as feminists, the reality is that the feminist movement has influenced us all in profound ways. We unconsciously reflect our culture's ideas related to womanhood rather than what's found in the Bible.

In this book, Courtney Reissig recounts her journey out of 'accidental feminism,' offering wise counsel for Christian women related to relationships, body image, and more - drawing from the Bible rather than culture. Whether you're a committed feminist, a staunch traditionalist, or somewhere in between, this book will help you answer the question, 'What does it mean to be a Christian woman?'

"The Accidental Feminist reminds me of a handbook on womanhood, but not a rule book. Courtney shares the beautiful design of all aspects of women made in the image of God. A perfect read for anyone desiring to gain an understanding of womanhood in the Bible."?
- Trillia Newbell, Author, United: Captured by God's Vision for Diversity

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