9781433538889-Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms-Furman, Gloria

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms

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Furman, Gloria | Crossway


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Grocery shopping. Soccer practice. Dirty dishes. Motherhood is tough, and it often feels like the to-do list just gets longer and longer every day - making it hard to experience true joy in God, our children and the gospel.

In this encouraging book for frazzled moms, Gloria Furman helps us reorient our vision of motherhood around what the Bible teaches. Showing how to pursue a vibrant relationship with God - even when discouragement sets in and the laundry still needs to be washed - this book will help you treasure Christ more deeply no matter how busy you are.

160 pages

"These pages are filled with such helpful honesty and gospel centrality as we're invited to look at the wonderful and messy world of motherhood! Reading it was like opening a window in the stuffy room of pretence, guilt, and self-focus that often press in on us as mothers. Let the windows fly open and come breathe the fresh air of grace!"

- Kristyn Getty, hymn writer and recording artist


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