9781433532610-Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth: An Analysis of More Than 100 Disputed Questions-Grudem, Wayne

Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth: An Analysis of More Than 100 Disputed Questions

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Grudem, Wayne | Crossway


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What does the Bible really teach about the roles of men and women? Bible scholar Wayne Grudem carefully draws on 27 years of biblical research as he responds to 118 arguments often levied against traditional gender roles. Grudem counters egalitarian and feminist critiques with clarity, compassion, and precision, showing God's equal value for men and women while celebrating the beauty in their differences.

Serious thinkers will find much value in this passionate yet gracious defense of the traditional understanding of biblical manhood and womanhood.

"After the Bible, I cannot imagine a more useful book for finding reliable help in understanding God's will for manhood and womanhood in the church and the home... But the rigor of scholarship, the amazing thoroughness, and the unparalleled clarity (which Wayne Grudem is justly famous for!) will make this book the standard complementarian manifesto for many years to come."
- John Piper, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Twin Cities, Minnesota

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