9780958624145-Westminster Confession and Catechisms in Modern English: To Glorigy and Enjoy God-Ward, Rowland

Westminster Confession and Catechisms in Modern English: To Glorify and Enjoy God

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Ward, Rowland | New Melbourne Press


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The Westminster Confessions and Catechisms were drawn up by a special Assembly of ministers in London, convened in the 1640s. They were intended to be the doctrinal standards of the reformed Christian Church in England, Scotland and Ireland.

W. Robert Godfrey has well said: "The Westminster Assembly was remarkable in many ways. The standards it produced are one of the great treasures in Christ's church. The Larger Catechism is a crucial part of that treasure, and churches of reformed tradition... impoverish themselves if they fail to use it. Doctrinal ignorance is widespread. Pastors and teachers are often looking for useful, effective study materials. In response to this need the church must reclaim its great educational resources from the past."

Here are the old, tried and true standards carefully rendered into modern English so as to be effective tools of instruction and evangelism for the church in the 21st century.

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