Legacy of Faith: From Women of the Bible

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Brownback, Lydia | P & R Publishing


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Following examples of women of faith is a great way to learn how to become women of God. And the best examples are from the true stories in the Bible. Not all the women of the Bible were faithful to Christ. But we can learn from past women's failures as well as their triumphs.Legacy of Faith highlights twenty-four of the Bible's most prominent women. Brownback offers insight and practical application for today's women. She reveals how we can claim the same promises of Christ as these women did—because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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"Women lead stressful lives and often feel that doctrine isn't practical in helping with their problems. Your mind will change on that oneand your heart. Readers will find themselves joining the chorus of mothers and sisters in the legacy of faith."

Michael S. Horton

"How can women seeking to live satisfying lives choose the right path? Brownback tackles this question by choosing twenty-four biblical women and exploring their successes and failures when confronted by God's claim on their lives. These insights show we can continue to learn from women of Scripture."

Linda M. Boice

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