9780852349687-New Calvinism Considered, The: A Personal and Pastoral Assessment-Walker, Jeremy

New Calvinism Considered, The: A Personal and Pastoral Assessment

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Walker, Jeremy | Evangelical Press


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Of all the various movements that have affected the evangelical Christian Church in the early years of the 21st century, the young, restless and reformed (or 'New Calvinists') are among the most significant.

Jeremy Walker acknowledges the difficulties of tackling this subject, which he approaches with some caution. He writes of his desire to provide "a balanced and appropriately irenic assessment"? as he considers the contribution of various people.

"If you are not sure what to think of the New Calvinism, you need to read this book. If you have friends struggling with it, you need to give them this book. If you are being reproached for not embracing it, use the arguments and cautions of this book to defend yourself. If you are danger of rejecting the whole of New Calvinism root and branch, you need the care of this book to restrain you."?
- Dr Sam Waldron, Academic Dean of the Midwest Center for Theological Studies

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