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Accuracy Of Translation The Primary Criterion in Evaluating Bible Versions with special reference to the New International Version

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Martin, Robert P. | Banner of Truth


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Contemporary bookstores are flooded with a wide variety of translations of the Bible. Some are easier to read than others, some use more colloquial language than others. Are they really any different from each other? Does it matter which one we read in private, or use in church services?

Robert P. Martin believes that scripture is God’s inspired Word. How we translate it is therefore of tremendous importance, not just for biblical linguists but for every Christian. In an uncomplicated and readable way, Dr. Martin explains the principles lying behind contemporary translations, and carefully analyses the New International Version New Testament to see whether it provides a translation which is satisfactory for widespread use in the church today. His study not only presents a critique of the NIV, but also provides insights into Scripture which will help every reader to appreciate the richness of God’s Word and the benefit of careful Bible study.

95 pages

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