PPB All Things For Good

PPB All Things For Good

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Watson, Thomas | Banner of Truth


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Thomas Watson, the 17th century minister of St. Stephen's Walbrook, believed he faced two great difficulties in his pastoral ministry. The first was making the unbeliever sad - in the recognition of his need of God's grace. The second was making the believer joyful - in response to God's grace. He believed the answer to the second difficulty could be found in Paul's teaching in Romans 8.28: God works all things together for good for His people.

First published in 1663, the year after Watson and some two thousand other ministers were ejected from the Church of England and exposed to hardship and suffering, this book contains the rich exposition of a man who lived when only faith in God's Word could lead him to such confidence.

Thomas Watson's exposition is simple, illuminating and rich in practical application, explaining how both the best and the worst experiences work for the good of God's people.

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