Breaking the Marriage Idol: Reconstructing Our Cultural and Spiritual Norms

Breaking the Marriage Idol: Reconstructing Our Cultural and Spiritual Norms

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Callaway, Kutter | Inter-Varsity Press


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Should all Christians be married?

Although we might quickly respond "no," our cultural stories and norms—including those in the church—often communicate "yes."

Theologian and husband Kutter Callaway considers why marriage, which is a blessing from God, shouldn't be expected or required of all Christians. Through an examination of Scripture, cultural analysis, and personal accounts, he reflects on how our narratives have limited our understanding of marriage and obscured our view of the life-giving and kingdom-serving roles of single people in the church.

In doing so, Callaway helps the church craft a new story that transforms the way we look at marriage and affirms the contributions of all to the body of Christ.

"If there is one word to describe this 2018 release, it would be “provocative”! A married man and father himself, Callaway seeks to question the way in which contemporary evangelical Christianity has embedded marriage as culturally normative and necessary for spiritual flourishing.  His book is an intriguing mix of cultural analysis (what do Disney, Taylor Swift and The Bachelor all have in common?), biblical engagement and theological reflection. Also included are several compelling and, at times, heart-breaking vignettes that provide insight into the real experiences of single Christians in today’s church. This book will leave the reader with much to mull over!"
-- Dani Treweek

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