9780802836960-PNTC Gospel According to Matthew, The-Morris, Leon

PNTC Gospel According to Matthew, The

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Morris, Leon | Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing


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In the Christian Church, the Gospel of Matthew has been considered the most important portrait of Jesus' life and message. Containing Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and a uniquely rich collection of parables, among many other things, Matthew has made a major contribution to the church throughout the centuries, and it still has much to say to the church today.

This superb commentary explores the meaning and relevance of Matthew in an eminently straightforward fashion. Leon Morris writes for readers who use commentaries to discover further what the Bible means. Throughout, he makes clear what he considers to be the meaning of the Greek text that Matthew has bequeathed to the church.

A perceptive introduction precedes Morris's warm-hearted verse-by-verse exposition of Matthew, an exposition based on his own literal translation of the text. Now a standard reference work on the Gospel of Matthew, this mature, evangelically oriented commentary will continue to meet the needs of students, pastors and general readers alike.

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