BECNT Philippians

BECNT Philippians

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Silva, Moises | Baker Academic


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With its user-friendly design, this commentary provides a substantive yet accessible discussion of Philippians to help pastors, students, and teachers understand and explain this letter. Each passage is presented in three parts: Silvas own translation of the Greek text; exegesis and exposition of each unit of thought; and additional notes on textual matters. Throughout the commentary, Silva asks what is distinctive about this letter and shows how each passage contributes to Pauls overall argument. The exegetical discussion is fresh and vigorous, with good use being made of some of the ancient commentators and a judicious selection of the modern ones. . . . All who want a sound exegetical basis for their preaching and are prepared to wrestle with the Greek text will find that this is an ideal piece of work. - I. Howard Marshall, Evangelical Quarterly

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