9780646949680-Elementary Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar (Fifth Edition)-Athas, George; Young, Ian M.

Elementary Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar (Fifth Edition)

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Athas, George; Young, Ian M. | Ancient Vessel Press


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This book introduces the absolute beginner to the basic concepts of Biblical Hebrew in an easily digestible form. With clear explanations, diagrams, examples, exercises, and numerous reference tools, it presents the language of the Hebrew Bible in a user-friendly way.

The authors have drawn on years of experience teaching Biblical Hebrew at all levels. Rather than overloading the student with numerous intricate details, they have focused on presenting essential information in a way that aims to get the student reading the Hebrew Bible as soon as possible.

This grammar also marks a fresh approach to Hebrew verbs, following 'verbal mode'. The result is a clear understanding of the Hebrew verb system that is usable for both prose and poetic texts. It thus prepares students well to face all types of genres in the Hebrew Bible.

Macquarie University - AHIS258 Ancient Hebrew A

Open Universities/Macquarie University - AHIX158 The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and the Near East

Queensland Theological College - LA003A Biblical Hebrew A

Alphacrucis College - ANL401 Old Testament Hebrew I


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