Thank you for choosing Reformers Bookshop to help you in your ministry.

The following are guidelines for sale-or-return bookstalls:

  1. Unless you are promoting a particular title (or you’ve had firm requests for multiple copies of a title), only single copies of any title should be taken. (Exception: large congregations, but see 50% rule below).
    • If you do require multiple copies of a title, please give us a full month’s notice so we can endeavour to supply you with a prudent quantity.
    • Please do not choose the last available copy of any particular title, or the last remaining copies of a current brochure item.
    • Please aim to sell at least 50% of your stall. One way that helps you sell at least 50% of your stall is to exercise caution at the time of choosing titles. (This will greatly reduce your workload)
  2. If we post a bookstall to you, we charge an $11.99 postage and handling fee per box.
  3. Churches/conferences must nominate a bookstall coordinator
  4. Remember to keep a careful record of what you have sold, for your own accounting.
  5. The period for this bookstall is a maximum of 90 days from the date of pick up, as agreed at the time. (In the case of camps and conferences, the stall must be returned within 10 calendar days of the camp or conference).
    • By the end of this time, any unsold items must be returned to us in good condition, together with full payment for those items that have been sold.
      NOTE: Any items not returned within 90 days will be considered sold and may not be returned.
    • If you would like to return the stall in person, please make an appointment with us, so we can allocate the necessary time for processing.
    • Recurring bookstalls: any titles present on a bookstall should not be included on the subsequent bookstall, except for firm orders to buy.
  6. Since you should have already received payment for resources sold on the stall, payment must accompany the return of any unsold resources. You may pay by: direct deposit to our bank account, cheque, Mastercard or Visa (or by cash if personally returning the books), or by a combination of those methods. (Do not send cash through the mail.)
    • If you credit the funds electronically into our account, please advise us of the date and time of the transaction and the reference number, upon return of the unsold resources.
  7. If a bookstall is returned by the due date, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on the sold books provided:
    • The stall is returned together with full payment for those items.
    • You have sold at least half of the dollar value of the stall.
      This donation will not apply for any stalls finalised after the due date.
  8. While we understand that items will be handled on your stall, please do your utmost to ensure that unsold items are returned to us in saleable condition. (This includes packing the items carefully prior to sending back to us. Please do not use newspaper as padding, as the newspaper ink can permanently mark books.)
    • We will charge for any items returned to us in unsalable condition or not returned at all. In light of this, please carefully check the condition of items you take for your stall.
  9. Please do not remove or tamper with any of the price stickers on the books unless they are purchased.
  10. Dated or seasonal material cannot be returned.
  11. Any CDs or DVDs that are returned must be returned with the shrink-wrapping intact or they will be regarded as having been sold.