9781783590124-Raiding the Lost Ark: Recovering the Gospel of the Covenant King-Rhodes, Jonty

Raiding the Lost Ark: Recovering the Gospel of the Covenant King

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Rhodes, Jonty | Inter-Varsity Press


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At the centre of Israel's worship was the tabernacle. At the centre of the tabernacle was a box: the Ark of the Covenant. Within the box was a covenant. Covenant dominates the Bible's story from start to finish, shaping the gospel, the church and the day-to-day experience of God's people.

However, for many of us, covenant is a lost concept. Raiding the Lost Ark seeks to recover the great news of Jesus Christ as Covenant King, demonstrating the natural flow from the story God tells to the gospel of grace.

"What Graeme Goldsworthy did for 'kingdom', Jonty Rhodes has done for 'covenant': an eye-opening, big picture Bible overview which traces the profound influence of this theme from Genesis to Revelation. This excellent book explains what covenant is, why it matters, and how we cannot understand the Lord Jesus, his work or his Word without it."?
- David Gibson, Minister of Trinity Church, Aberdeen

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