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Commentaries on the Prophets

Whether you're a preacher, pastor, Bible study leader, or a Christian just wanting to understand their Bible better, you'll benefit from reading a commentary. These resources can be particularly important when studying books like the major and minor prophets, as they provide information on the historical context of the Old Testament and help us to grasp how the message fits with the story of the whole Bible.

In our curated range of commentaries on the prophets, we have everything from academic, verse-by-verse commentaries to those that are accessible and easy for a layperson to read. You can view commentaries for specific books of the Bible—or from a particular commentary series—using the product filters.

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3 products found in Commentaries on the Prophets

CCE Exalting Jesus in Daniel (Christ-Centered Exposition)
  • $23.99

Akin, Daniel & Akin, Jonathan

CCE Exalting Jesus in Jeremiah, Lamentations (Christ-Centered Exposition)
  • $23.99

Smith, Steven

CCE Exalting Jesus in Isaiah (Christ-Centered Exposition)
  • $23.99

Davis, Andrew M