Words Old And New | Bonar Horatius | 9780851516431

Words Old And New Gems From the Christian Authorship of All Ages

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Bonar, Horatius | Banner of Truth


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An anthology of quotations from some of the most significant figures in the Christian centuries. A labour of love on the part of Horatius Bonar, one of its special attractions is its chronological order. We are led from the passionate words of the early martyr Ignatius of Antioch (‘Let all the malice of the devil come upon me, only may I enjoy Jesus Christ’) through reformers like John Bradford (‘Faith must go before, and then feeling will follow’) to Bonar’s friend Robert Murray M’Cheyne (‘You will be incomplete Christians if you do not look for the coming again of the Lord Jesus’).

Words Old and New is a treasure-trove for personal or family meditation and devotion, and an attractive introduction to many of the men and women of faith in past centuries.

368 pages

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