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Home school parents want to ensure their children get a quality education—and we're here to help. These curriculum resources are hand-picked by the Reformers Bookshop team to equip you for home-based learning so you can raise children who understand the world and love Christ.

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Roar on the Other Side, The: A Guide for Student Poets
  • $24.99

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes


A Young Scholar’s Guide to Poetry
  • $84.99
  • $63.74

Maggie S. Hogan & Melissa E. Craig with Dr. Hannah Eagleson

Imitation in Writing: Poetry Primer: Teacher's Edition
  • $17.99

Matt Whitling

Imitation in Writing: Poetry Primer: Student
  • $34.99

Matt Whitling

Grammar of Poetry DVD Course
  • $229.99

Matt Whitling