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Christian Books for Children

We carry an extensive range of hand-picked Christian books for children of all ages. Whether you're interested in Bible stories, fiction that teaches truth, biographies, or activity books, you'll find something here to encourage any child to trust and obey Jesus. 

You can browse through our whole collection of biblically faithful books below, or view resources on specific topics using the filters. To help you choose, we've also put together some collections of our favourite kids books:

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5 products found in Christian Books for Children

BTLH Jesus
Board Book
  • $14.99

Provencher, Devon

The Friend Who Forgives Board Book
Board Book
  • $11.99

DeWitt, Dan and Echeverri, Catalina

Jesus and the Very Big Surprise Activity Book
  • $6.99

Goodgame, Randall

The Case for Christ for Kids Curriculum
  • $64.99

Strobel, Lee and Hudson, Christopher D.

Words about Jesus: To Help You Worship Him
  • $13.99

Carine Mackenzie