Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids

Jack Klumpenhower | New Growth Press

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Elizabeth T
Not just for kids!

I read this book to develop my ideas about teaching the Gospel to children, but found myself constantly challenged in my own views, and wishing others in my church and bible study group would read and learn. I have bought copies for my children's team leaders; as we read it together we are finding it personally challenging as well as helpful in our ministry to children. One of those 'must-read' books!!

T. B.
A great articulation of our most common problem

In Show Them Jesus, Klumpenhower weaves in his own ministry experience (both successes and disasters) as a volunteer helper with the truths he wants us to grasp. Even though this *is* a book about kids' and youth ministry, you quickly get the impression that his primary goal is not to make kids' ministry helpers better: it's to show those helpers how incredibly awesome Jesus is.

I picked up this book from my friend's shelf, thinking it might be useful for kids' and youth ministry. I ended up ordering a copy of my own to finish it, and discovered that all those kids (especially those churchy ones) have the same problem as me, only they're not as good at hiding it: they look to themselves to be good and perform for God, instead of looking to Jesus to fix their deepest problem and come *with* Him to the cross to repent and believe the good news. I've been beginning to apply what I've been reading in my young adults' and kids' ministry contexts, but most of all, I'm super thankful that Jack took the time to show *me* Jesus even as I've been getting a bit stuck in a rut lately.

If you've been a bit stuck as a teacher, a parent, a youth-group leader, or anyone, this book is a great, easy-to-read journey from our brother to see kids and their parents, teachers, and friends be all about Jesus. It is precisely so because it's not snazzy, easy, or clever. It's a journey that aims our own heart, so we all become gospel kids, no matter how old we are.

I'm not trying to distract you away from Jesus, but, thank you Jack for stating the biblical obvious so clearly, even an adult can understand. God bless you brother. (My pastor said he'd love to read it next, and Lord-willing eventually every church leader will have a read of it.)

(PS I found this book really helpful to read especially just after finishing Jesus on Every Page by David Murray. May your church be all about Jesus too!)