The Puritans On . . .


The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin

The heart of Goodwin’s argument lies in his exposition of Hebrews 4:15, in which he shows that in all his glorious holiness in heaven, Christ is not sour towards his people; if anything, his capacious heart beats more strongly than ever with tender love for them. And in particular, two things stir his compassion: our afflictions and—almost unbelievably—our sins.

The Glory of Christ by John Owen

In this book, abridged and made easy to read, we have the great Puritan pastor and theologian John Owen at his richest and most mature. He writes about Jesus Christ, the heart of the gospel. His teaching is well-suited to bring us to share in his longing to know Christ better, to see his glory more clearly and to serve him more faithfully.

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The Church

The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter

Baxter’s ministry transformed the people of Kidderminster from “an ignorant, rude and revelling people” to a godly, worshipping community. These pages, first prepared for a Worcestershire association of ministers in 1656, deal with the means by which such changes are ever to be accomplished.

Duties of Christian Fellowship by John Owen

This book deals with a matter of perennial concern for every truly Christian church. In just a few pages it sets out in very concise terms the responsibilities all Christians have, first, to their pastors, and then second, to one another within the fellowship of the local church.

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A Way to Pray by Matthew Henry 

Most evangelical Christians know of Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible, but few are as familiar with his A Way to Pray. This work consists almost entirely of Scripture, arranged under various headings, to help Christians to pray in harmony with the truth of God, revealed in his Word.

The Secret Key to Heaven by Thomas Brooks

As a pastor who knew his people well, Brooks feared that many Christians did not understand the “necessity, excellency, and usefulness” of private prayer, and that many lived in “too great a neglect of this indispensable duty.” Brooks supplies us with a masterful treatment of a vitally important aspect of the Christian’s life.

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Sin and Sanctification

The Mortification of Sin by John Owen

In this abridgement of a classic work, the famous Puritan John Owen shows the need for Christians to engage in a life-long battle against the sinful tendencies that remain in them, despite their having been brought to faith and new life in Christ. The temptations in times like Owens and ours are obvious on every side; the remedy to them is clearly pointed out in this practical and helpful book.

Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks 

This book presents a detailed analysis of Scripture together with the malfunctions, diseases, and spiritual cares of members of the body of Christ. Many have benefited from Brooks’s insights into gospel antidotes to the means Satan employs in unsettling God’s people.

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