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Book Review: Competing Spectacles (Tony Reinke)

Posted by Andrew Deligiorgakis on

Book Review by Cassie Watson Cassie Watson is a ministry apprentice at Merrylands Anglican Church, working to see women grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus. You can follow her blog or connect with her on Twitter It has always been difficult to treasure Jesus above everything else, but it seems close to impossible in this media-saturated age. There's so much noise vying for our attention. Christians tend to fall into two radical views when it comes to the ubiquitous screen. Either we declare entertainment to be evil and avoid it all, or we dive in headfirst with no restraints in the interests of...

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Reformers Recommends: Books on Technology and Media

Posted by Thomas Eglinton on

As Christians it is important for us to think carefully about how we use technology. We are called to redeem our time and renew our minds. But how can we do that? How can we approach technology and media in a way that glorifies God? These books will help you consider these questions.

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