Stocking Fillers for Pastors: Books Under $15

Pastors need comfort and encouragement from Christ to endure in their difficult calling. They also need practical help to grow in the various responsibilities of pastoral ministry. Give both to your loved ones in ministry this Christmas with this selection of stocking-filler books. They're all under $15!

Some of these books would also make great, affordable end-of-year gifts for your church pastors and elders.

Read about our top picks below, then browse more options in our full collection.

Simplicity in Preaching by J. C. Ryle, $5.99


Simplicity in Preaching by J. C. Ryle

There are hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of books on how to preach better. Even when the advice is good, the sheer volume can be overwhelming. In this short, refreshing booklet, 19th-century pastor and theologian J. C. Ryle gets down to basics and commends simple and clear preaching, saying it’s “of the utmost importance to every minister who wishes to be useful to souls.”

Coping with Criticism by Mostyn Roberts, $11.99


Coping with Criticism by Mostyn Roberts

Criticism is inevitable in pastoral ministry. If pastors are prepared for it, they can receive criticism not as an intolerable burden but as an opportunity to grow and even flourish in ministry. This book would be a great gift for pastors who are just starting out or those who’ve been shouldering criticism for decades.

The Pastor as Counselor by David Powlison, $13.99


The Pastor as Counselor by David Powlison

Counseling is a crucial part of the pastor’s role, but many don’t feel equipped for it. The sheep of the flock face all sorts of complex and devastating problems and they need the counsel and comfort of Scripture. Pastors are undershepherds who are uniquely positioned to provide such soul care. In this short book, experienced biblical counselor David Powlison helps pastors to understand and carry out their unique role, all the while looking to Jesus as the true Shepherd.

Come Ye Children by Charles Spurgeon, $13.99


Come Ye Children by Charles Spurgeon

Pastors have responsibility over their whole flock—including the children in their congregations. Spurgeon saw the great value (and challenge) of teaching children about Jesus. In this book, he lays out biblical foundations and practical help for this crucial task. As well as pastors, it will benefit parents, teachers, and anyone else who has the responsibility of teaching children.

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