Stocking Fillers for Lower Primary Kids: Books Under $15

We've got plenty of books under $15 that make perfect stocking-filler Christmas gifts for children in the lower primary school years. Help the children you love to better know, love, and serve Jesus Christ with these biblical and spiritually rich books.

These affordable books are also great options to give out as end-of-year gifts in your children's ministry. 

Read about our top picks below, then browse more options in our full collection.

Seek and Find: The First Christmas Activity Book by Sarah Parker, $6.99


Seek and Find: The First Christmas Activity Book by Sarah Parker

This colouring and activity book guides kids through the full Christmas story in eight parts, teaching them about Jesus while they have fun. It’s packed full of activities perfect for children aged 4–7. The book complements the teaching of the Seek and Find: The First Christmas story book, but it can also be enjoyed on its own. An ideal activity to keep your kids occupied on Christmas evening once the festivities are over!

XTB: Footprints by Alison Mitchell, $7.99


XTB 06: Footprints by Alison Mitchell

If your kids are moving toward the older primary school years, they’ll enjoy this series of engaging and interactive devotionals. Each volume contains Bible teaching and prayers as well as puzzles, pictures, and other fun elements. Perfect for children aged 7–11. Each of the XTB devotionals links with a volume of Table Talk, a family worship devotional, so the whole family can engage Scripture together.

Imagination Station: Secret of the Prince’s Tomb, Marianne Hering & Marshal Younger, $8.99


Secret of the Prince’s Tomb: The Imagination Station, Book 7 by Marianne Hering; Marshal Younger

In the Imagination Station series, readers follow cousins Patrick and Beth as they journey through history. This installment sees the heroes travel to ancient Egypt and battle danger to bring hope to a new friend. Kids will love the thrilling adventures in these chapter books. You can also browse the whole series.

There’s a Lion in My Nativity! by Lizzie Laferton, $14.99


There’s a Lion in My Nativity! by Lizzie Laferton

Children aged 4–7 will love the sweet story and colourful illustrations in this Christmas book. It tells the story of a child who plays Mary in a nativity play and discovers that she’s not the star of the show. This charming picture book helps kids to understand that Jesus is the centre of Christmas—and why that’s good news!

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