Reformers Book Review: Saint Peter's Principles (Peter Lillback)


G'day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop.

So, some time ago a bloke named Dr. Laurence Peter wrote a book called
"The Peter Principle" and it was about how people in any job, they do quite well, they're competent, and they succeed in that role, and they get promoted. And they keep doing this until they get promoted to a position where they're no longer competent. And so he's sort of saying you always get promoted to the point of your incompetence.

Peter Lillback, a very experienced pastor, has written this book called "Saint Peter's Principles" - where he plays off that idea, and he looks at Peter (and Paul really as well) and he shows that Christian leaders... start knowing that they're incompetent, knowing that they are not capable to do the task that's been  assigned to them in their particular role. And this is not just for church leaders, for pastors, and another Bible College lecturers and things like that, but this book is
actually full of rich wisdom on leadership for anyone in any leadership role. And he... Lillback takes you through Peter and and some of Paul's writings, but mainly looking at Peter, and shows you how a leader can lean on God's Word, apply the wisdom that's in the word, knowing all the time that they're completely incapable of doing what they've been called to do, but in Christ they have all that they need.

And I really encourage you to to get this book if you're in some sort of leadership position, and to learn from Saint Peter.

 Saint Peter’s Principles: Leadership for Those Who Already Know Their Incompetence

Saint Peter’s Principles: Leadership for Those Who Already Know Their Incompetence

by Peter A Lillback